Project Scope


Located at the historic North Entrance, the Gardiner Gateway project focuses on enhancing access to approximately 10 million acres of federal and state land in and around Yellowstone National Park.

Arch park after a century



The community of Gardiner holds fewer than 900 residents, and the impact of visitation is significant to community infrastructure.  This has created a need for a sustainable solution for vehicular and pedestrian safety, traffic congestion, parking, drainage/utilities, dark sky initiative lighting, roadways and sidewalks, public restrooms and signage.


Images of current conditions



On June 14, 2012, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk, and other leaders highlighted the tourism and economic benefits of the project by signing the MOU.


The Gardiner Gateway Project will be phased over the span of 3 years pending secured funding.  This would not be possible without the cooperation and resounding support of the following agencies: the United States Department of the Interior; National Park Service; Gardiner Chamber of Commerce; Greater Gardiner Community Council; Park County, Montana; Montana Department of Transportation; State of Montana, Governor’s Office; Western Federal Lands Highway Division, Federal Highways; Yellowstone Association; Yellowstone Park Foundation; National Park Foundation; Montana Department of Commerce; Yellowstone Country Montana, Inc; and Gallatin National Forest.


UPDATE: The project will receive $10.3 million from the Federal Lands Access Program (ACCESS), which helps fund state and local transportation repair and improvement projects. The program proposal which was submitted by Park County, Montana and the National Park Service (NPS) was  approved on July 16th, 2013 by the Montana Program Decisions Committee. With local matching funds from the NPS and Park County, total project funding is nearly $12 million. 

Funded by ACCESS:

  • Drainage Conveyance System
  • Utility Upgrades (impacted by road work)
  • Main, Park,  3rd, 1st Street Improvements (sidewalks, curbs, roads)
  • Arch Park Improvements
  • Arch Viewing Pocket Park
  • Yellowstone River Access Trail

Not funded by ACCESS:

  • Roosevelt Arch and Bypass Road, Gardiner Transportation Center Roads, North Entrance Road, North Entrance Station (Yellowstone National Park)
  • Montana Department of Transportation, US Highway 89
  • Gardiner Depot Reconstruction
  • Gardiner Welcome Center with Public Restrooms


In October 2011, the NPS Intermountain Regional Director signed the Finding of No Significant impact for the scope of work on the NPS North Entrance project.




Local and state officials responded to the approved North Entrance (NPS) project and completed preliminary engineering for local, county, and state portions of the project forming what is now called the “Gardiner Gateway Project”.

A phased approach to engineering and construction will allow improvements to occur while maintaining access to local businesses, the Gallatin National Forest and Yellowstone National Park.


Main street and Park Street infrastructure improvements will include upgrades to water mains and the drainage conveyance system.

Arch Park and surrounding areas will feature design elements that provide universal accessibility and connectivity between the Arch, Arch Park, and Downtown Gardiner. Schematic may not reflect actual work.

The Roosevelt Arch bypass road will help alleviate traffic congestion and safety issues around the Arch. Schematic may not reflect actual work.

Arch park and the proposed amphitheater will feature the historic architectural character of the Arch.

Universally accessible bus loading and pedestrian access will provide visitors safe access to local amenities in Downtown Gardiner.


The reconstructed Gardiner Depot will reflect the architectural character and features of the original Robert Reamer design. It will serve as the Gardiner Depot Library and multi-use facility.

The Gardiner, Montana Welcome Center will offer visitor information, public restrooms, and historical interpretation of the nation's first gateway community.

Final work will take place on Main street and Park Street infrastructure improvements. Additional improvements to side streets (3rd street, 2nd street, 1st street) and the Yellowstone River access will occur.



The Gardiner Transportation Center and North Entrance roads will be completed in conjunction with renovation of the North Entrance station.

Improvements to US Highway 89 will take place in conjunction with an already scheduled MDOT resurfacing project.